Solar Film
Providing Comfortable Temperatures

Reduce heat and keep your environment at a more comfortable temperature by using performance reflectors, subtle neutrals for listed and heritage buildings, and the latest nano technology and ceramic based films, for virtually undetectable appearance. Our films can help solve this problem on both glass and polycarbonates.

External Solar Film
Solar Film
Solar Film: Before
Solar Film: After
Solar Film
Protecting Your Workspace from Heat Build-Up

Solar film is incredibly effective in protecting offices and workspaces from the lethargic, drowsy consequences caused by the heat build-up of working next to a window.

With excessive heat mistakes are likely which can cause problems and low morale in offices and throughout your team! More than this, the heat build-up in summer time can cause working to be an uncomfortable experience.

We can install external film – effective where access is an issue internally, or when there is insulating glass and we want to stop the heat before it passes through the insulating coating.

We can also install solar films that can reduce heat but allow daylight. Almost clear on the glass, these are perfect for car showrooms or shop fronts.

Solar Film Can Help As It:

Reduces heat build-up

Reduces UV light

Reduces glare

Provides daytime privacy

To discover how solar film can protect your workspace from these unwanted consequences, contact us today!

Case Study
Professional Installation of Solar Films

When the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh opened, they had a problem with the temperatures on the wards of 40F. Safety First applied silver reflective solar window film which solved the problem by reducing the solar heat gain.

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Solar Film installed at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary