Installed by Safety First
Low E Window Film

Are you looking to reduce strong sunlight and heat from your home or working office? Provide your property with the perfect view and great insulation with the award winning Low E Window Film, installed by Safety First.

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Installed by Safety First

Revolutionary Window Films with Low E Window Film

Low E Window Film reflect 93% and 91% of radiant heat respectively; therefore you can expect comfortable room temperature in your property all year round.

Locking the heat in during the winter and reflecting heat during the summer months, allows you to work or rest in the ideal environment.

The Yard, Edinburgh

“As you can imagine, we have been absolutely overwhelmed by the transformation of the Centre. The children and their families are having a fabulous time exploring the new space, and like ourselves, are so grateful for all the hard work and support we received from everyone involved.“

Start reducing your energy bills today by choosing Low E Window Film

Installed by Safety First
Reflecting Solar & Radiant Energy Effectively

Low E Window Film offers a fantastic light transmission, reflecting solar and radiant energy effectively.

For more information, visit Llumar and see the stunning benefits they can provide for you and your property.

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